Property management

Property management

High quality and sympathetic property management on a day to day basis is vital to maximising the long term value of your property. We believe in a policy of prevention rather than cure, so we aim to keep all the properties under our management in excellent condition.

We understand how important it is to keep your properties earning the highest possible rents year on year with few if any void periods.

We believe that our comprehensive residential property management services are unique to the industry and unrivalled in their personal approach.

We make this claim because we are landlords ourselves and we look to treat all our clients’ properties under management in exactly the same way that we treat our own properties. Being tenants too, we have wide experience of the problems that they may encounter as well. So we can see both sides of the coin.


Good relations suit landlords and tenants

Since 1995, we have managed residential property, and throughout that time our philosophy has not changed, treat tenants well, respond rapidly to the problems that they raise and they will give the landlord far fewer headaches. They will tend more often to want to pay their rent on time, treat the fabric of the property better (less wear and tear) and with more respect, and ultimately look to stay on for another year if they can. And our experience shows that they’ll be happier to bear larger rent increases at year’s end too.


Upkeep is money well spent

Our approach also leads to markedly less vacant periods between tenancies, because when a property is well cared for, it stands out from the crowd, and will be re-let speedily. We endeavour to keep all the properties under our management in good to excellent condition. Inevitably there are more costs to bear by the Landlord for the upkeep of their properties, but we are confident that over time this bears fruit in that income is substantially higher over the medium to long term.


Making life simpler, maximising return

For existing buy to let properties, we’ll evaluate their investment performance to date and report back, advising you of any improvements that we can see to maximise your return. We can take over your existing tenants and when the time comes pick new ones. We’ll act as the buffer between yourself and estate agents, and deal with all the arduous, complicated and time consuming administration work during check-in and check-out, and of course throughout the period of the tenancy.

Obviously we understand that we are looking after your interests first and foremost, however we still think that your tenants should demand and receive superior service too, indeed we aim to develop with them a brand loyalty towards us. Introducing ourselves to the tenant is all part of the service, and we are available at all times should problems arise. We pride ourselves on being able to deal with any eventuality exceptionally quickly and efficiently and at the lowest cost to you.

This personable approach gives rise to many subtle advantages that translate into more profit for you the landlord.



Please take a look at our fee structure for these services which is unique to the industry and which we believe offers you by far the best value for money available today.

When we decided to purchase a home in London we knew that we needed independent, objective and specialist advice to help us navigate our way through the challenges of buying a property in a City we were not overly familiar with.

Jonathan and Ana were able to quickly bring us to speed with existing market conditions and locations to consider and those to avoid.

They sourced properties for us to view and gave us expert insight into refurbishment plans and added value ideas. They project managed the extensive refurbishment we undertook of the property we eventually purchased which gave us peace of mind that it was being done to a high standard and to the specification we required.

Their expert local knowledge, professionalism and personal service throughout made what can be a stressful experience a smooth, efficient and pleasurable one.

We have no hesitation in recommending Jonathan and Ana to someone considering a property acquisition in London.

Gareth and Louise