The fee structure for our search, development and advice services are unique to the industry. We believe they are the most competitive available in London today.

Rather than simply charge a fixed ‘retainer fee’ at the outset of a project and charge a much larger fixed ‘success fee’ at the end, Jonathan Crown charges his and his team’s time out by the hour.

We think that this is a much fairer way of doing things. What’s more, by charging fees for actual time spent working, it always ends up being significantly cheaper for our clients.

We invoice monthly in arrears for our time, and ask that our invoices are settled with 14 days.


Our charge out rates

  • Jonathan Crown
    £300 per hour plus VAT
  • Ana Fernandez
    £175 per hour plus VAT

Please note that incidental expenses, such as travel, etc. are charged separately


Management fees

Our fees for day-to-day management services for rental investment properties compare favourably with our competitors. Our rate is as follows:

  • 5% of the Gross yearly rental plus VAT
    This is payable yearly in advance


Comparison of our property search fees with our competitors

  • Purchase of a £1,500,000 property would cost around £27,000 including VAT with our competitors
  • Purchase of a £1,500,000 property with Jonathan Crown Property Services is likely to cost around £12,000 including VAT


We are confident that we will save you at least the cost of our fees by securing the best possible discounted price for your property purchase.