Investing in property

Investing in property

More than ever – and as a result of the world’s continuing economic difficulties – prime London residential property is seen as a safe haven for the world’s wealthy to store their money. This has given rise to the extraordinary strengthening of the UK’s capital city residential market.

In over twenty years of involvement in the Prime London residential market, we feel that this is one of the best moments to purchase property in London.

All the indices suggest a further long upward increase in values over the coming decade.


Whilst values remain the highest they have ever been, and yields modest, there is growing evidence that the world’s wealthy don’t care and are using London property as a sort of ‘property bank’. Some are indeed treating it like gold where of course there is no return at all.

Whilst we do not yet advocate this policy as it is in our opinion too extreme, we do believe that investment in prime property is safe and will give rise to excellent returns in coming years.

Today, rental yields are averaging about 3.5% and capital value increases year on year are between 5% and 10%, so potential gains can approach 15% plus.


Our fee structure for these services are unique to the industry.

We believe they offer you by far the best value for money available today.

I have used the services of Jonathan Crown since 2000, both as managing agents and project managers.

Ana Fernandez, Jonathan Crown’s No 2, is professional, friendly, cheerful and efficient despite everything working in London with builders and agents can mean.

I have no hesitation in recommending this small but very human company – it has removed the hassle of renting out my West Hampstead property.

Mandy Park